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Where the Indians are found, domination of rituals and festivals happen automatically around them. The name of the United States of America is top most in the list of developed countries, the contribution of Indians in the development of the USA has been seen always there, and if we talk about the total population of NRIs in the USA; then about 1.4% of total population, When it comes to the festivals of Raksha Bandhan; it has a special significance for siblings. For the Raksha Bandhan festival; Brother-Sister, sister in law and children eagerly wait since the last Rakhi festival. Some sisters are living far from their brothers who are living in USA on the holy occasion of Raksha Bandhan festival; but their love about Raksha Bandhan can not be diminished, that's why from our USA Rakhi portal you can send online Rakhi gift to your brother, who is staying miles away from you in the USA. Besides this you can send lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi, bangle rakhi, chocolates, sweets, cartoon rakhi for Kids etc. So, if you want to send Rakhi to USA with gifts, order by logging in to our USA special Rakhi Delivery Portal Now and Make this Raksha Bandhan special by filling your brother with love and happiness by delivering online Rakhi to USA.

Send Rakhi to United States for Brother: Make this Raksha Bandhan Special

Want to Buy Rakhi in USA for your brother? Send Unique and attractive Rakhis to USA with our Online Rakhi Shop of USA that offers great and unmatched catalog of splendid Rakhi along with huge collection of Rakhi Gifts ready to be delivered anywhere in USA. Our catalog consists of magnificent Rakhis that can be send to anyplace in the world you can also send your selected Rakhi for sister-in-laws and kids living in USA. Buy this sacred thread of protection for your family on this Raksha Bandhan and send them your wishes and warm regards that will keep them safe and successful. A brother is a guardian, guide and also a friend in every sister's life, he is always there whenever she needs his support and care. For such a loving and caring brother, every sister looks for unique Rakhi and surprising presents on the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Sendrakhizonline Deliver Rakhi to USA and is happy to announce great collection of Rakhis for such a great person who is staying in USA. Order your Rakhi to USA now and also avail some great Rakhi gifts for you.

How to Send Rakhi to USA?

Sending Rakhi to USA has never been this easy. The only thing that you need is a device with Internet connection and you are ready to buy Rakhi and Deliver Rakhi in USA or anywhere in USA. The first thing you need to do is you can choose from our wide range of products and then place your order to Send Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts Online to USA. The process for Send Rakhi to USA is very simple: Just visit our website, or If you are on our USA sub domain, then the next steps are same as described ahead, but if you are on our main domain, then select the link that says Send Rakhi to USA. You will land on our homepage where you can find exclusive Designer Rakhis. Choose the Rakhis that you deem perfect for your loved ones staying in USA and add them to your shopping cart. On My Shopping Cart page, select the country where your want to Deliver Rakhi. After selecting the country, click on the checkout button which will take you to our next page. On this page you will be asked to provide the delivery address, where you want to Send Rakhi in USA. After providing the Shipping/Delivery address, click on "Ship To This Address" button which will take you to the payment processing page. Choose the appropriate payment method and make your payment. Congratulations! you have just sent Rakhi to your loved ones staying in USA or any of its major cities. We will take it from here to Send Rakhi to USA to your brother. 

Once you have placed your order, we are all set to deliver Rakhis to your loved ones staying anywhere in USA. In general scenario, we deliver Rakhis within 5-6 business days. But you can provide extra delivery instructions for us. We will strictly follows those instruction set so that your bond of love reaches your brother's doorstep in time.

Send Exotic Rakhis to USA - United States of America

Place order to Send Rakhi to USA through us and we will Deliver Rakhi in USA or any of its major state for your family, sister-in-law (Bhabhi) and kids. Finding the perfect Rakhi is a tire-some experience and there is no guarantee that you will find the right one in the local market which is why we have come up with an eye-catching collection of Rakhis at our Online Rakhi Platform, just select most amazing Rakhi and place Rakhi order for your brother in United States on this Raksha Bandhan. We accept orders for Rakhi and deliver Rakhi in USA on time with our reliable and Express Rakhi Delivery Service. Our online ordering process for Sending Rakhi Online to USA has made it easy to deliver Rakhi in USA by sitting in your home or office. Hurry! We are here in your service to deliver your ordered Rakhi to USA with our trusted Rakhi delivery service for USA. 

Enjoy the Festival of Raksha Bandhan with Family Members through Sendrakhizonline

We all know, it is nearly impossible for a person to visit his or her own country on every festival, when he or she is working or living in USA. This becomes more difficult, when the person belongs from a country which is also known as land of festivals. Where numerous of important festival celebrated with full passion and interest every year in the presence of whole family members. The Festival of Raksha Bandhan is a carnival of togetherness, it is incomplete without a sister tying sacred Rakhi thread to her brother. Sendrakhizonline avail every brother and sister can be able to enjoy the fair of Rakhi by using our online Rakhi to USA service. In which a sister order her desired Rakhi online with us and we deliver the Rakhi near her loving brother in USA.

Our purpose is to eradicate the geographical limitations that exists between this eternal bond of brother and sister, which is why, we can help a sister to Send Rakhi to USA or in any of American states with stellar prices that are unmatched. We understand that emotions of Siblings are attached with Rakhi Festival for every Hindu family, even though they reside anywhere in the world. So, we provide world's finest USA Rakhi Delivery Services for Ordering and Delivering Rakhi in USA online. Order your Rakhi from Send Rakhiz Online and Send Rakhi to United States of America to your loved ones safely and securely. 

Order Online Rakhi in USA with Express Delivery Service

Is your brother busy this Raksha Bandhan and could not make it home from USA? Want to Send Online Rakhi to USA for your brother? We can help you out., is an Online Rakhi Portal that deals with Rakhis and Rakhi Gifts at unbelievable price. We have an exclusive range of Rakhis ranging from Mauli Rakhis to Kids Rakhis. We even have Designer Rakhi that will look good on your brothers wrist. Have a look on our Rakhi Shop of USA which has great catalog of Rakhi with huge collection of Raksha Bandhan gifts to deliver anywhere in USA. Here, you can buy any type of Rakhis for sister-in-law (bhabhi) and kids living in USA. Buy special Rakhi with Rakhi gifts this season of Raksha Bandhan for dear ones and send all these Rakhi and gifts to USA for them now. Make your relations more strong and happy by presenting your love in the form of Rakhi to the relatives who lives in USA and are eagerly waiting for your Rakhi to get deliver in USA. So place your order of Rakhi for brother to deliver in USA with us right now and experience our Express Delivery Service.

Buy Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts in USA from Our Online Rakhi Shop

Raksha Bandhan is a festivals that involves lots of gift exchange. Sisters send Gift for their siblings along with Rakhis, while they present their sister with gifts after Rakhi tying ceremony. Often, choosing the perfect gifts is a headache. We at, brings you the Rakhi Gift Store of USA that is packed with tons of beautiful and mesmerizing gifts that will catch your eyes. Our Rakhi Gift Store contains toys, home decor stuff, handbags, personalized gifts and many more items. So browse through our Online Rakhi gift Store now and make this Raksha Bandhan more exciting for your siblings and family members.   

Return Gifts for Sister on Rakhi festival in USA

Sendrakhizonline presents amazing Rakhi return gifts for sisters. If you are a brother who is looking for return gift for your sister who lives in USA. Then, you can search through our gifts for sister online catalogue. Here you will find best and amazing gifts for girls, that you can order for your sister in USA. Selecting the perfect Rakhi Gift for your sister is always a difficult task. But you do not have to worry about it, we have exclusive Rakhi Gifts range for Sisters that will surely make your sister smile with happiness. You can even send exotic chocolates, sweets, dry-fruits, toys and many more items with us. So, let's make this Raksha Bandhan a special one for your sister living anywhere in the World with the best Rakhi Return Gift for Sister in USA sent by you through our USA Rakhi Gift Deliver Service.

Why Order Rakhi to USA with our Online Rakhi Store for USA?

If your brother is in USA and you are sending Online Rakhi to USA for him by an online platform. Then, as a caring sister, you always preferred to the best and branded quality of products get deliver near your brother and family members in USA. You will never want to compromise in the quality of products and service that an Online Rakhi Delivering site will provide you. That is why it is more important for you to Order Rakhi to USA for brother by one of the most trusted and named Online Rakhi delivery service which is Sendrakhizonline. Since, we are delivering Rakhi all across the USA from more than a decade. We understand the meaning of every Rakhi that we deliver for a brother or any relatives on the behalf of their sister. Sendrakhizonline delivers one of the best quality of Rakhi products and branded eatable items, that once received will makes your brothers Raksha Bandhan day very special and memorable as well. Fill this Raksha Bandhan with pure love and magic for your dear ones staying in USA by sending Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts to USA - United States through our Online USA Rakhi Store for them. Our majestic designer Rakhis will make this Raksha Bandhan a special one for your dearest's that they will surely never forget. Our aim is to make this Raksha Bandhan fully loaded with zest and enthusiasm for brothers and sisters all around the World by offering incredible Rakhis and Rakhi Gifts that will mesmerize them in a way they have never mesmerized before. We understand the intensity of relations that exists between siblings which is why we provide express Rakhi delivery services to USA - United States of America. So, if you are looking for an Online USA Rakhi Portal whose services are unmatched, then place your order with us right now and Ship Online Rakhis and Rakhi Gifts that promises prosperity and keep away the negativity from your nearest and dearest. 

Our Team at USA Rakhi Store knows the festival of Rakhi is time bounded, that's why we deliver Rakhi through our express and fastest Rakhi delivery network all over the United States. Our aim is to earn our customers' satisfaction and trust by offering accurate and time bounded services to deliver Rakhi gifts in USA online. Deliver Rakhi to USA by simply ordering from us and give us a chance to serve you on this auspicious festival of Rakhi. We promise once you ordered Rakhi with us you wouldn't be disappoint with our Rakhi delivering services in USA.

Frequently Asked Question - Rakhi to United States (USA) FAQ.

Q. How to Deliver Sweets and Chocolates with Rakhi to USA ?

Ans. You can send sweets and chocolates along with Rakhi to Australia, by simply adding your desired sweet and chocolates into your card. On our Sweets and Chocolates to USA page you will find lots of different branded items. You can add them into your card along with Rakhi that you want to Send in USA and place your order with us to get deliver your order in United States.

Q. Is it safe to send Edibles or eatable items in USA ?

Ans. Yes, it is totally safe to Send edibles or eatable items in USA with sendrakhizonline. As we deliver branded, fresh and quality proof eatable items at the destination.

Q. Which are the Best Online Rakhis to Send in USA for Brother ?

Ans. Sendrakhizonline have varieties of differently designed Rakhis to send in USA for Brother. Our every Rakhi is unique and chosen for you from thousands of Rakhis. Our catalogue have world class best Rakhis to Order for Brother, Kids and Bhabhi as well. So, you can choose any Rakhi to deliver in USA from our online Rakhi to USA catalogue, you will get one of the best Rakhi for your brother in USA.

Q. How to pay for a Rakhi online, is it safe to Pay online for a Rakhi to USA ?

Ans. If you are Ordering Rakhi to USA for first time, then making payment is must be a big concern for you. You can pay for your Rakhi through your Debit card, Credit Card or any online payment option that you are using. Talking about safety of payment, then we use SSL encryption security. Your https connection of sendrakhizonline are most secured one, your data is encrypted before making a payment and nobody will able to read your sensitive information except the system itself.

Q. Can I Send Rakhi to USA from anywhere in the World ?

Ans. Yes, with sendrakhizonline you can Send Rakhi to USA from anywhere across the world. You just need to select United States as destination country when you checkout on sendrakhizonline.

अमेरिका में राखी कैसे भेजें | ऑनलाइन राखी टू अमेरिका

संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका (USA) विश्व में अत्यधिक विकसित देशों की श्रेणी में आता है, भू-क्षेत्रफल के अनुसार अमेरिका दुनिया का चौथा सबसे बड़ा देश है। यहाँ लगभग 34 करोड़ की जनसंख्या निवास करती है और इस जनसंख्या का 1.4% भारतीय मूल के लोग हैं, जिनको NRI’s के नाम से जाना जाता है| NRI’s भारतीय संस्कारों एवं परम्पराओं को धूमधाम से मनाने के लिए न केवल अमेरिका बल्कि पूरे विश्व में जाने जाते हैं। जहाँ भारतीय रहते हैं वहाँ त्योंहार भी अपनी अलग छवि रखते हैं, जिनमें राखी या रक्षा-बंधन मुख्य है| पौराणिक मान्यताओं और वैदिक काल का ये त्योंहार प्रत्येक वर्ष श्रावण मास की पूर्णिमा को मनाया जाता है, जिसमें बहिन अपने भाई के ललाट पर रोली, चन्दन का तिलक व अक्षत लगा कर तथा कलाई पर राखी बाँधकर मुँह मीठा करवाती है और अपने भाई की लम्बी आयु व सुख-समृद्धि की कामना करती है| लेकिन जिन बहिनों के भैया-भाभी अमेरिका या विश्व के किसी भी देश में रहते हैं उनके लिए हमारा यह विशेष USA राखी पोर्टल सुविधा प्रदान करता है, जिसके माध्यम से आप विश्व के किसी भी कोने से ऑनलाइन राखी अमेरिका भेज सकती हैं और राखी के साथ आप राखी पूजा थाली, मिठाइयां, चॉकलेट और बच्चों के लिए स्पेशल कार्टून राखियाँ भी अमेरिका भेज सकती हैं| आपको अमेरिका राखी भेजने के लिए सिर्फ हमारे USA के राखी पोर्टल पर आकर (सेंड राखी ऑनलाइन टू अमेरिका) अपनी पसंद की राखियाँ और गिफ्ट्स चुन कर आर्डर करना है, और आपकी ऑर्डर की हुई राखी बहुत शीघ्र ही आपके भाई के द्वार पर होगी|

संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका (USA) में राखी 2024 का शुभ मुहूर्त-

अशुभ समय पर रक्षा-बंधन मनाने की भूल से बचने के लिए हम आपको अमेरिका के समयनुसार शुभ मुहूर्त की गणना दे रहे हैं जिसके माध्यम से आप इस राखी के त्योंहार को शुभ समयनुसार मना सकते हैं, जो इस प्रकार है:-

रक्षाबन्धन सोमवार, अगस्त 19, 2024 को
रक्षाबन्धन अनुष्ठान का समय - सोमवार 19 अगस्त 2024 - 01:30 (PM) से सोमवार 19 अगस्त 2024 - 09:07 (PM) तक
पूर्णिमा तिथि प्रारम्भ - 03:04 (AM) 19 अगस्त 2024
पूर्णिमा तिथि समाप्त - 11:55 (PM) 19 अगस्त 2024

डिलीवर राखी टू अमेरिका ऑनलाईन | राखी शॉप अमेरिका | राखी फास्ट डिलीवरी अमेरिका